Inotec Vario mixer


Inotec Vario Mix – ultimate mixing technology


◾Time saving on the mixing and unloading process – productivity gets doubled or even tripled
◾Quick and very gentle mixing action
◾Outlet flap covers the complete front, corresponds to approx. 25 % bigger surface for the product outlet


◾Delicate products are keeping in the mixing process the structure and are not squeezed
◾The binding of the product can be influenced by the mixing speed
◾The product is in permanent, constant and smooth movement – optimal and gentle mixing – minimum temperature increase

◾no dead spaces in the vessel and no central shaft – no nests are coming up, the product can not stay, stick or clump anywhere
◾cleaning facilities for the bearings of the shafts
◾outlet flap can be swivelled easily away for best cleaning access
◾Optional scraper available for the external spiral for even less rest quantity

◾Best mixing results are guaranteed for every product – whether fluffy or tough, whether liquids or powders.
◾Special options designed for each individual application are making the Inotec Vario Mix series suitable for each product. (Food and Non Food)


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Mixer med specielle Variomixer-arme til skånsom og hurtig blanding af salater etc.


The Inotec Vario Mix series
works without any central mixing shaft. Two horizontal interacting mixing shafts are working in opposite directions with adjustable mixing intervals. For a better adaptation to the product the mixing speed and the speed relation between out- and inside spiral can be adjusted step less.

Application fields Vario Mix:
Quick mixing times, gentle preparation, optimum homogeneity, minimum rest quantity – the Inotec Vario Mix series reaches these targets better than any other mixing system.

Application fields for food are salami and minced meat products, fine minced products / mixing in of dices and decorations, pastes and doughs, powders, delicatessen salads – specially with sensitive products like fish or seafood as well as multiple convenience and non food products.

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