Treif vakuumgriber

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Minimisation of residual pieces and reliable holding of soft products


Vacuumgripper for smooth and soft products

    • Minimisation of residual pieces: more yield
    • Reliable holding of soft products and thus increased production reliability
    • Specially-suited for products such as boiled and cooked sausage, cheese without holes, cooked ham and plant products such as tofu
    • Optimal hygiene conditions, especially through fixed / passive vacuum (no vacuum pump) / easy and fast cleaning
    • Double the security with the 2-chamber system: the vacuum gripper does not just create a vacuum in one, but in 2 different chambers
    • High degree of cost-efficiency due to minimisation of residual piecesIdeal hygiene conditions/easy and quick cleaning
    • The vacuum gripper is optionally available for all TREIF slicers
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