Treif Twister SP+ terningskærer til industrien


This machine is nothing less than perfection: The TWISTER
SP+ with its premium cube equipment is ideal for convenience
products, meat skewer and much more. Each and every
product is measured individually to obtain the maximum
possible number of even cubes from the crust frozen product
fed in. Only one product ever enters the cutting chamber
where it is compressed. The machine quickly and easily
becomes a TWISTER SP+ Standard with all its benefits as a
highthroughput dicer and strip-cutting machine.


Fast-throughput dicing of fresh, cooked and tempered
products (even with a product temperature under 0° C/32° F,
depending on the condition of the product)
• Equipment for premium cubes (optional): perfect cubes of crust
frozen products; trim-free cutting due to special measurement
of the product
• More volume for more output: the opening dimension of
the cutting chamber is 210 mm/ 8 3/10“
• Cost and time-saving feed options up to fully automated line
• Flexibility and high performance thanks to the choice between
continuous and intermittent cutting
• FlexRotationSystem for optimum cutting conditions: flexible,
adjustable blade speed (max. 400 rpm)
• The hygiene cylinder (optional) makes product contamination
with hydraulic oil a technical impossibility. No oil can enter the
cutting chamber.
• Extra gentle, precise dicing of delicate products thanks to
patented gentle cut gridset (optional)
• More yield, fewer small parts, precise cutting results due to
sensor-based cutting technology (TREIF patent) combined with
vartronic technology (optional)
• Fast and simple conversion of TWISTER SP+ Standard to
premium dicer version and vice versa
• Reliable protection against the hydraulic oil of the feed cylinder
entering the cutting chamber thanks to the hygiene cylinder
• Numerous options for discharging the cut products; regulation
of the outlet on a display for optimum adjustment to the
production process; scale (optional)

Brochure Twister SP+

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Terningskærer til industriproduktion

Præcisionsterningskærer op til 3,5 t/timen


Power meets Precision

TWISTER SP+ delivers a cutting output of up to 3.5 t/h, offering far more than simple dicing with a high throughput and impressive yield. Power meets precision with this extremely versatile unit.

What you get is a machine with different feeding options, from manual, to semi-automatic and even fully automatic.

TWISTER SP+ is the only dicer with premium dicing function. Due to the specific measurement the product fed in is precisely cut leaving no trim. The result: perfect premium cubes for the most exacting demands.

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