Treif Twisan terningskærer til ferskt og frosset kød


Clear cutting results
The Automatic Prepressing System(AVS) guarantees clear cutting results. The sensor (optional) can be used in addition for even more precise cubes and strips, especially for premium demands. Changing the gridset on an industrial dicer can be this effortless. Ergonomics are the top priority for this new as-sembly trolley. Changing the gridset is easy and fast and requires very little effort. Another benefit: it safely stores all removable parts for cleaning (except for the cut-off blade).

Cubes, strips, discs
With TWISAN products can be cut in cubes, strips, rasped or, as shown here, cut in 3-mm (1/10¨) discs.

Various applications
Goulash, strips for gyros, pig’s head and pork tongue are just a few of the products covered by the standard program of
TWISAN with fresh meat equipment.


• Breaks down any block
• Premium hygiene design
• Cubes, strips and more

Brochure Twisan

Spørg om varen

Terningskærer til industrien til ferskt og frosset kød -7 grader

Op til 4.500 kg/timen.


Precision on 6 sides: Say “yes” to perfectly formed cubes

The industrial dicer TWISAN, with the appropriate equipment, consistently delivers optimal dicing results,
both with frozen meat blocks and bulk material and also with fresh meat. The machine guarantees your
process reliability, regardless whether fresh meat or extremely temperated products are handled.
TWISAN also sets new standards in terms of hygiene. Its hygienic design is well thought out to the last detail.
Regarding the fully automatic loading of the machine and discharging of cut products, there are numerous ways in which you can optimally tune the production process. Loading, for example, can take place via a conveyor belt or a lift-tilt device.

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