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For the multiple applications in the food industry INOTEC offers mixers with a usable volume from 200 to 6000 liters:

INOTEC mixer are used as stand alone machines or are integrated in production lines.

Two mixing shafts with interleaving paddles mounted on different levels – Applications: Meat and sausages, pet food. Product approx. 5 mm up to fist size.

Two interleaving paddle shafts on the same height level and one drive in combination with two bottom outlets are designed for liquid products. The unloading into an inline emulsifier or a pump is clean and without splashing via rigid and flexible pipework.

One shaft mixers (Coarse mixes) upon request.


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Blandemaskine med paddelmixerarme.


INOTEC gets your product mixed. Meat standards, pre blends for sausage, vegetables, fruits, cheese, sweets upto pet food. A complete range of mixers from 200 to 6000 liters usable volume is available. INOTEC offers customized and product specific solutions for the food industry.

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