Laska fryseskærer


LASKA frozen meat cutters are distinguished by their …

  • Adjustable cutting size and infinitely variable cutting height in case of guillotines
    fast and gentle product cutting of frozen meat blocks
  • Optimized cutting systems
    =  Processing of large and spherical frozen meat blocks
  • Continuous feeding
    =  for higher performance
  • Optimal working safety
    =  various safety devices
  • Robust, compact and space-saving design
    =  Long service life and proven cost benefits
  • Integrated control box
    =  extended lifetime
  • Optimized drive and control technology
    = Low power consumption
  • Easy to use and user-friendly, robust control
    = Push-button control and/or control panel with finger touch control panel and plain text display
  • Proven, field-tested machine concept
    =  minimum maintenance required

Brochure G 530 - G 740 - GS 510 - GFS 620

Spørg om varen

Fryseskærer med guillotinekniv eller tromle

Fryseskærer med guillotinekniv eller tromle til produkter ned til - 25 C


The outstanding cutting performance and very careful handling of the cut material by LASKA frozen meat cutters is the result of many years of experience. The direct advantage this brings is that frozen meat can be cut small with a very clear-cut section and with an astoundingly low energy consumption.

The frozen blocks are cut up either by top knife (guillotining) or by two cutting rollers (roller knives) at possible working temperatures of -5°C to -25°C for further processing in the cutter, mincer or mixer.

Modeller i denne serie
520 x 300 mm blokstørrelse
Laska G 530 m/guillotinekniv
700 x 400 mm blokstørrelse
Laska G 740 m/guillotinekniv
500 x 300 mm blokstørrelse
Laska GS 510 m/tromle
600 x 380 mm blokstørrelse
Laska GFS 620 m/tromle
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