Laska emulgeringsmaskine


LASKA emulsifiers are distinguished by their …

  • Patented electrohydraulic knife adjustment
    =  constant pressure conditions at the cutting edges and holeplates
  • Contact force consistant low
    =  reduces wear and cutting unit abrastion by up
  • Unique cutting geometry
    =  high throughput and optimum emulsification with gentle product cutting
  • Constant product quality
    =  highest fineness of perfect emulsion
  • Flow-optimized cutting geometry
    =  reduces energy consumption
  • Automatic stop of the machine in case of running idle
    =  extended service life of the cutting set
  • Compact and space-saving design
    =  integral control cabinet
  • Cutting set is monitored continuously
    =  display of servicing times

Brochure FZ 175 + FZ 225

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Emulgeringsmaskine med hhv. 175 eller 225 mm hulskive


The LASKA emulsifier (also known as the LASKA NanoCutter) is of special value in the production of finest broiled and cooked sausage products and it is the last machine on a production line.

The use of various hole-plates makes it possible to select the fineness of the sausage meat or emulsion. LASKA emulsifiers are the key to achieving finished products of the highest quality and this either for an extremely fine emulsion, or also for a coarse grained product.

Modeller i denne serie
175 mm hulskive
Laska FZ 175
225 mm hulskive
Laska FZ 225
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