Handtmann GMD 99-3 hakkekødslinje


  • Very high production output of 200 portions/min. due to travelling blade
  • Excellent portioning and weight accuracy due to continuous operation of the VF 800
  • Less wear in the inline grinding system and feed system due to continuous process
  • Flexible product spacing possible thanks to servo technology for automation options such as depositing into trays
  • Versatile products such as minced meat, cevapcici, rib burger, meat loaf, fruit paste, marzipan and more

Brochure GMD 99-3

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GMD kakkekødslinje til alle slags hakkekød, marcipan eller frugtmasse

Den nyeste generation hakkekødslinje med den bedste teknologi på markedet


State-of-the-art technology throughout for the vacuum filler, inline grinding system and minced meat portioner
The new GMD 99-3 minced meat portioner in conjunction with state-of-the-art GD 451/452 inline grinding technology and state-of-the-art VF 800 vacuum filling technology – optimum performance and quality. High-performance and reliable with the production of all types of minced meat products and other products from filling flows.

New separating principle offers maximum product output
A special feature of the new line is the travelling, servo-driven separating principle during continuous VF 800 operation. This results in an extremely high production output of up to 200 portions per minute with excellent weight accuracy for each individual portion. There is less give-away, thus reducing costs over a long period.

2-belt technology for well-formed products
The 2-belt principle with independent drives makes it possible to set the speed difference between the outlet and inlet belt. The first belt piles up the minced meat to the desired appearance (ripples) and the travelling blade separates the strand into individual portions. The second belt runs faster than the first belt which creates the desired gap between the portions. Separating the product via the blade edge at the inlet belt creates well-formed products with the specific ripples required on the product.

Automation options from the weighing system through to the packaging solution
The new GMD 99-3 portioning line can be perfectly incorporated into integrated processes or be synchronised with automation options, such as a weighing system, tray feeding or depositing into thermo-forming machines.

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