Handtmann GD 451 hakkeforsats


UP TO 130


1.5 TO 8




VF 800



  • High filling capacity even with fine-grained end products, and the processing of cold products becomes possible due to a very high torque
  • First-class product quality due to shortened process steps, gentle cutting system and a clean cut
  • Cost reduction due to standard feed system for all products, with excellent portioning accuracy
  • Low cutting component wear and maintenance costs; service interval of 2,000 operating hours
  • Can be used with AL sausage filling lines, forming systems, minced meat lines, high vacuum fillers, clippers and more.

Brochure inline grinding

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GD 451 hakkeforsats

State-of-the-art and powerful inline grinding technology with modern VF 800 vacuum filling technology meets the highest production and quality standards.


Perfect symbiosis of state-of-the-art inline grinding system technology and vacuum filling technology
State-of-the-art inline grinding technology in conjunction with state-of-the-art VF 800 vacuum filling technology meets all the demands placed on top production standards. The GD 451 inline grinding system is based on the most modern grinding technology on the market. A powerful servo drive with an extremely high speed guarantees top filling capacities even at low temperatures. The product is gently ground to its final grain size and simultaneously precisely portioned in one process step.

Separate drives for optimum product settings
Due to the separate drives, the ratio between the portioning speed and the cutting speed can be optimally adjusted in line with the various different products. Both parameters are stored in the product memory and thus ensure a high degree of process reliability and a constantly high product quality. The optional use of a gristle separator ensures product reliability.

Strong module, versatile use
The strengths of inline grinding system technology are demonstrated in particular when used for the production of fresh sausage, dry sausage and small-calibre dry sausage snacks, in conjunction with AL systems for sausages, for minced meat production and for the production of formed products. The GD 451 inline grinding system offers a specific solution for products which are difficult to process.

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