Achieving best-quality craftsmanship simply and reliably

The Handtmann DV 85-10 dosing valve offers automated and economical production of skinless sausage specialities for the butcher’s trade. It ensures the gentle, clean and consistent separation of the product flow coming from the Handtmann vacuum filler. The result is a first-class product of best artisan quality.

Economical solution for butcher’s shops and canteen kitchens

The semi-automated function of the DV 85-10 dosing valve enables a consistently high production output of up to 150 portions per minute with accurate-to-the-gram portion weights. In addition, low acquisition costs ensure a quick return on investment for the auxiliary device and increase the profitability of butcher’s shops, catering businesses and canteen kitchens.

Operator-friendly handling

The dosing valve features a light and compact design and can be easily mounted on or removed from the vacuum filler. The handling is designed to be operator-friendly and cleaning is easy to perform for the best hygienic production.


  • Optimum artisan product quality through the gentle and clean separation of the product flow into individual products
  • High economic efficiency due to efficient and automated production with a production output of up to 150 portions per minute
  • High flexibility for product diversity through simple and quick exchange of adapters in the size range 11 to 42 mm
  • Accurate-to-the-gram portions thanks to precise portioning with the Handtmann vacuum filler
  • Highest level of safety in operation due to intrinsically safe design
  • Continuous production process through operator-friendly handling and simple, tool-free assembly and disassembly
  • Excellent hygienic production conditions due to hygienic design and easy cleaning

Brochure DV 85-10

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Doseringsventil DV 85-10

Doseringsventil til produktion af pølser uden skind, suppefyld og andet fyld


The 85-10 dosing valve is a compact auxiliary device for the Handtmann vacuum filler for the automated production of skinless sausage specialities, soup inserts and fillings. With a production capacity of up to 150 portions per minute, it can be used both in the butcher’s trade with lower production volumes and in medium-scale operations with several tonnes of daily production. Thanks to the extremely gentle and clean dosing, consistently uniform portion sizes can be portioned directly into boilers, containers or onto conveyor belts. Thus, a flawless and uniform product image is always guaranteed. Furthermore, the products are variable in diameter and calibre and can be easily realised with interchangeable adapters in the size range of 11 to 42 mm. Product examples include extremely tasty regional specialities such as skinless fried sausages, Bavarian Weisswurst-type sausages like Wollwürste, Geschlagene, Geschwollene or Berlin-type curry sausages, but also soup inserts such as sausage meat dumplings or fillings for convenience products such as cabbage rolls or dough pockets.

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