Handtmann afskærerhoved 85-3


  • Cost reduction thanks to accurate-to-the-gram portioning and exact weights
  • Optimum product quality due to gentle dosing, inserts are not subject to squeezing
  • Efficient and economical production due to high dosing capacity
  • Easily attached to all Handtmann VF 800 vacuum fillers
  • High degree of flexibility when dosing a wide variety of filling products, even semi-viscous or firm products with inserts

Brochure 85-3

Spørg om varen

Afskærerhoved til færdige middagsretter

Til nøjagtig portionering af færdige middagsretter f.eks. rødkål, kartoffelmos, sovs etc.


Wide range of applications
The 85-3 dosing valve ensures, above all, one thing: product diversity. Because the gentle processing of products in the consistency of very fluid, pasty, inhomogeneous, chunky, fibrous, with large inserts or high liquid content is possible. Three different dosing piston versions further extend the product range.

Efficient dosing accurate to the gram
With a dosing capacity of 2,000 kg/h or up to 50 portions per minute, accurate-to-the-gram dosing into a wide variety of containers, such as tubs, buckets or trays, is guaranteed. The output speed can be adjusted and the “double stroke” function selected. The Handtmann vane cell feed system in the VF 800 vacuum filler and the gentle dosing process ensure both excellent product quality and weight accuracy.

Ergonomic with hygienic design
The new Handtmann 85-3 dosing valve is a flexible solution that can easily be integrated in day-to-day production. It is connected directly to the outlet of the vacuum filling machine, and its working height can be individually adapted to the operator, the filling table or a conveyor belt. The dosing valve features the latest hygienic design and all materials are FDA-compliant.

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