Fessmann Turbomat T1900 røg- og kogeovn


  • Very small space demands thanks to compact design
  • Low cleaning effort due to integrated cleaning device
  • Only one work step for heating, drying, smoking and boiling
  • Low production costs thanks to low consumption
  • Perfect control across all process parameters due to the FOOD.CON control
  • Long service life thanks to a steam-tight stainless steel build


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Turbomat T1900

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Great flavour on smallest space

The T1900 is the ideal choice for small and medium-sized companies: In spite of the minimal space demand thanks to a compact design, the system can live up to the “big” FESSMANN models in terms of technology and performance!

If the space conditions are extra tight, we have another ace in the hole: The T1800! It provides all applications of the T1900 with a ceiling height beneath 2 m. And the volume is just amazing!

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