Fessmann RotathermCarat bageovn


  • Best baking results thanks to unique rotation technology
  • Capacity increases of up to 100%
  • Short heating and baking times
  • Up to double trolley loads as compared to standard baking systems
  • Lesser weight loss as compared to conventional systems (amortisation of the investment costs through weight loss saving alone possible in less than 6 months)
  • Reduction of the area demand
  • Saving heating energy by high-quality insulation
  • Optionally installed CIP cleaning to reduce personnel effort


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Baking at 360°

The RotathermCarat achieves particularly high-quality baking results thanks to the special rotation technology. The innovative rotation of the trolley in the air flow focusing at the centre ensures products of unparalleled consistency even at extremely high temperatures. With the special air guidance within the system, the RotathermCarat also convinces with the shortest process times – and a capacity increase of 100% as compared to standard baking systems!

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