Fessmann RATIO-FRICTION røganlæg


  • Mild smoke aroma
  • Automatic cleaning aid
  • Variable smoke intensities by adjustable smoking intervals
  • Automatic cleaning aid
  • Cost-efficient smoking material, beech-wood beams quality II, 80 × 80 × 800 mm or 80 × 100 × 950 mm
  • Low consumption
  • Very low noise
  • Unparalleled service life of the friction wheel
  • Less power consumption of the motor than in conventional systems
  • Including a magazine for spare beams

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Røggenerator til friktionsrøg

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The closed friction smoke generator

The RATIO-FRICTION friction smoke generator convinces not only with its low operating costs, but in particular with its unique, mild smoke aroma. Variable smoke intervals also permit flexible adjustment of the smoke intensity to the requirements of your specific product. The patented friction procedure reduces consumption of smoking agents and considerably extends the friction wheel’s service life – without any sharpening of the cutting teeth.