Barroso E3 opstrammer


Net weight: 34 Kg

Operating pressure: 6 bar

Air consumption: 8,6 liters/cycle


Range of clips
H-16, H-18, H-21


Spørg om varen

Clipsemaskine med opstrammer til skinker etc.


Machine for compressing the product inside a casing or bag and closing it with an aluminium clip (stuffed loin, ham, Bologna sausage, chicken…).
After positioning and gathering the casing or bag, the E3 automatically holds it tight, and stretches it until the selected pressure level is reached. Then, it closes the sausage with an aluminium clip and trims off the excess material.
Robust construction and stainless components specially treated to withstand the adverse conditions such machines usually work in.
Fully pneumatic operation.
Minimum maintenance.
Our firm provides lubricant ALB-591 in spray and in can, which meets all EU and USA demanded requirements for its use in the Food Industry.

Her kan du se video af maskinen i brug. Hvis du er i tvivl om noget, er du velkommen til at kontakte os.