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Quick and precise
Quick but so precise – the CASAN 200
guarantees exact cuts even at high cutting speeds, as here during cutting sticks.

High-performance rasping mode
Ideal for pizza production and the convenience sector: The CASAN 200 with its
high-performance grating mode. This is
where it shows its power

High yield starts in detail
High output starts with the detail: After
the transport into the hopper, the blocks
are precut to the size of the cutting
chamber by a cut-off blade. The left-over
material is returned to the cutting chamber by the patented residue channel (at
the lower end of the hopper, see arrow).


• High production reliability for orientation to industrial demands: High output/High-performance grating
mode/Filling level monitoring at the hopper/Scraper on
the discharge belt/ Automatic lateral compression device
• Generously dimensioned cutting chamber; processing of
two Euroblocks lying on top of one another/Ideal for the
production of mixed cheese
• Compact design/very space-saving
• Operation possible from both sides of the machine
thanks to the rotatable display and hopper changeover
• Automatic discharge of product left-overs via residue
channel (patented) with left-over material return to the
cutting chamber
• Automatic feed pressure control: Considerable energy
savings compared with conventional systems and more
gentle on the product
• Reliable protection against the hydraulic oil of the feed
cylinder entering the cutting chamber; hygiene cylinder
(as standard) makes product contamination with hydraulic oil (only foodstuff hydraulic oil is employed at TREIF)
technically impossible
• Top cutting pattern thanks to sensor-based cutting technology (TREIF patent)
• Data transfer via USB stick: e.g. backup and re-use of the
data (such as cutting statistics) for diagnosis by aftersales service; all parameters in Excel-readable format

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Your compact professional all-rounder for industrial cutting

Cutting results that set standards. A convincingly high output. As a specialist for industrial cheese dicing, the CASAN 200 is extremely tough and thus offers security in production.
The machine is loaded fully automatically. Two Euroblocks can be fed in lying on top of one another. The opening of the cutting chamber is generously dimensioned with 240 mm / 9 1/2″. There are numerous possibilities for the feeding and discharge of your products.

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