Handtmann VF 600 vacuumfylder


  • Maximum portioning accuracy for all applications
  • High portioning capacity and excellent product quality due to the gentle vane cell feed system
  • High degree of versatility and flexibility in application for all types of products
  • Flexible use, e.g. with AL sausage filling lines, forming systems, depositing systems etc.
  • Excellent product quality and reduction of process steps thanks to the GD 93-3 inline grinding system

Brochure VF 620 - 634

Brochure VF 616

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Vacuumfylder VF 600-serien til industri og mellemstore producenter


A variety of options for the medium-scale producer
Whether it be an inline grinding system or auxiliary devices such as round formers or sausage filling lines: the VF 600 series vacuum filler opens up options for enhanced product quality through the integration of the Handtmann GD 93-3 inline grinding system, for entering into automatic sausage production through the connection of Handtmann AL systems or for product variety through the use of auxiliary devices.

Performance and quality
First-class quality products, accurate to the gram – coupled with excellent production output: whether it be traditional sausage and meat products or convenience foods, whether it be snacks, dairy products or much, much more.

Modeller i denne serie
3.600 kg/h
VF 616
4.500 kg/h
VF 620 K
6.000 kg/h
VF 620
3.600 kg/h
VF 622
4.200 kg/t
VF 624
7.200 kg/h
VF 628
8.400 kg/h
VF 630 K
10.500 kg/h
VF 630
14.400 kg/h
VF 631
14.400 kg/h
VF 634


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