Treif Husky til tern og koteletter


Capacity and cutting technology

HUSKY: your dicing machine

  • Top cutting quality provided by high-tech AVS and DHS systems
  • Tool-free gridset change with the “Click&Go” gridset
  • Optimum product compression
  • Highest possible product yield

HUSKY: your portion cutting machine

  • High performance and accuracy even on products with bones
  • Profit growth through the precision sickle blade
  • Independent and generous loading chamber
  • Save time with the automatic start-up device
  • Maximum productivity by the residual product optimization

Economic efficiency

  • Precise dicing and cutting with one machine
  • A high degree of flexibility: Set-up in less than 2 minutes
  • Save on costs, space and time with double machine utilization
  • Dicing with a high throughput rate: Up to 1,800 kg / h (3,969 lbs / h) (depends on product and application)
  • Powerful portioning: Up to 175 slices / min.
  • Optimum adjustment of the blade speed to your product

Cleaning and operator comfort

  • Rapid disassembly of all machine parts which are dirtied by the cutting process
  • Removal of all loading chamber components so that no food remains settle in the intermediate spaces
  • The solid gridset drive is sealed so securely that it is jet-washer resistant
  • Simplified cleaning due to all machine components, such as blades and conveyor belt, being kept on the accessory trolley

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Maskine til tern og koteletter

Terningskærer med høj kapacitet og portioncutter i én maskine.


Cut dices, strips, slices and portions

Do you want to dice boiled ham and offer your customers a juicy pork and beef goulash as well as thinly sliced meat in sauces? Do you want to cut chops, cured ham and schnitzel in clean slices and grate cheese or red cabbage? There´s nothing new in saying there are machines that can do that for you, but the surprise is that you can do all of that with one single machine. HUSKY offers you the only dual purpose cutting machine on the market.

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