Handtmann formemaskine FS 520




2 TO 8


UP TO 250





  • First-class product quality due to rotating hole plate system
  • High production output with up to 250 cycles per minute
  • Maximum weight accuracy per lane and product reduces give-away and costs
  • Wide range of products due to choice of producing either on a conveyor belt, tray or rack
  • Low maintenance costs and easy cleaning

Brochure FS 520

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FS 520 formesystem

Multi-lane forming with rotating hole plate system. For burgers, balls, cylindrical products, 3D shapes and special shapes positioned on a conveyor belt or on racks/trays


Forming with hole plate system on a conveyor belt or rack
The FS 520 forming system is designed for the 6 to 8-lane, fully-automatic production of a wide variety of 3D product shapes. The rotating hole plate system allows large variety of products and shapes and well-formed products.

Product variety with accurate weights
The driven flow divider ensures precise weight accuracy per lane and product. This facilitates significant cost reductions as less raw material is needed. And this in all fields of application, whether it be meat, convenience, dairy/cheese, fish, vegetable/vegetarian products… and much, much more.

Product shape shown conveniently on the monitor control system
The product shape can be shown on the screen and the process parameters can be easily calculated via the vacuum filler control system. The rotating hole plate system forms the products into the required 3D shape. The shape can be changed by simply switching a few mould components. The production of a diversity of shapes is therefore an easy option.

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