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Hand dosing valve  – Handtmann Filling and portioning systems

The dosing valve is perfectly suited to the flexible dosing of fluid and pasty products in a wide variety of food production applications. For various different containers, such as tubs, trays, jars and cans, and for portioning toppings onto finished products, the flexible handling of the dosing valve facilitates a wide portfolio of applications and new product options. The diverse range of product surfaces creates numerous opportunities for new product ideas, particularly in the area of convenience product production.



  • Highly efficient due to continuous dosing and exact portioning
  • Portioning of fluid to pasty products into different containers, with coarse inserts as an option, up to a product temperature of 45 °C
  • Effective automation step, even with smaller production quantities
  • Flexible dosing solution for a wide variety of container formats and products
  • The creation of various different product surfaces provides the opportunity for new product ideas
  • First-class, appetising product quality due to gentle portioning
  • Top hygiene conditions thanks to clean dosing and reduction of manual intervention

Performance data:

  • Large selection of different round and star-shaped nozzles
  • Outlet size: up to 15 mm
  • Hose length: 1.6 m
  • Compressed air connection: 4-6 bar
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