Dragon E

Portioncutter til frosne produkter til -7gr.


Ice-cold is its area of specialisation: DRAGON E portioning machine is able take off where traditional systems start to encounter damage to the blades.
Unprocessed products (bone-in or boneless), from strong shock-frozen down to -8°C/17.6°F do not present a challenge for DRAGON E, but rather are the standard. When cutting salted products, DRAGON E produces consistently good slicing results (depending on the application) even at product temperatures down to -10°C/14°F (even below -10°C/14°F, depending on product and application).
Bid an easy farewell to the bone saw
Say goodbye to your bone saw! Save personnel costs and expenditures! Bone meal that is produced by the sawing is a thing of the past with DRAGON E.


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