750 l LASKA K 750

hurtighakker med 750 liter skål.


Our modern LASKA cutters are the key components of our LASKA machinery. LASKA cutter technology is based on many years of experience as well as practically oriented research and development efforts.

LASKA cutters are suitable for processing large as well as smaller batches. It is possible to process both fresh meat as well as prepared frozen meat and produce rind emulsions without any hassle.

LASKA cutters are distinguished by their:
› High cutting speed of up to 160 m/s
→ short batch processing times
› cutting impact
→ fine emulsion
› Low cutting gap of 0.8 – 1.3 mm between blade and bowl
→ improved accuracy
› Newly designed filter system
→ protects from dust, moisture and the ingression of vapor
› Vibration-free blade shaft and bowl rotation
→ increased longevity of the machine
AC drive technology integrated into the machine
→ highest efficiency, lower power costs
› Clear operating concept
→ optimal and transparent working

LASKA cutters are provided with vacuum systems (with nitrogen cooling to ensure the optimal temperature during the working process) as well as with or without cooking equipment (for the production of cooked sausage products) as required by the customer


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