500 l LASKA ME 500 N

Mixer 500 liter.


LASKA mixers guarantee a uniform, quick and intensive mixing, have many possible applications and are particularly suitable for standardization or for mixing of different components. The interlocking mixing shafts ensure a particularly large working radius.

LASKA mixers are available for many different requirements in various different variants, for example with vacuum systems, heating or cooling equipment, a water dosage system or mixing process controls.

LASKA mixers are distinguished by their:
› Large effective area due to two interlocking mixing arms
→ optimal mixing effect on the material
› Intensive and thorough mixing of the mixing material
→ prevention of production faults (bonding failures, etc.)
› Different variants of the mixing arms
→ versatile application
› Simple tilting of the mixing trough (inclinable) or using a large emptying flap (stationary)
→ quick and complete emptying
› Compact design with integrated control cabinet
→ low space requirements in the production area
› Stepless control of mixing shaft speed
→ optimal adaptation of the speed depending on the raw material
› Double sealing of the mixing shaft end
→ simple cleaning
› Cleaning channels for storage areas
→ hygienic separation of product and drive areas
› Robust control elements
→ simple operation, easy to clean

LASKA mixers are used to manufacture meat products (for example for minced meat and hamburger production, kebap preparation, pastrymaking, massaging of hams, etc.) but can also be used for other areas of application (confectionery products, cheese production, yeast production, production of animal foods, recycling).


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