200 mm LASKA WW 200

200mm vinkelwulf til ferskt kød.


LASKA grinders and mixer-grinders have been available on the market as different variants for many decades. The excellent slicing pattern on offer and the robust as well as low-maintenance design have been decisive factors for LASKA customers.

LASKA grinders of all variants are universally usable for both frozen meat (it is even possible to process entire blocks without any upstream pre-cutting with the WWB variant) as well as fresh meat.

LASKA grinders are distinguished by their:
› Capability to process both frozen and fresh meat
→ versatile application with optimal performance
› Automatic control of screw feeder
→ always maximum performance/throughput
› Machine turns off when the screw feeder is empty
→ conserves the cutting insert
› Working and feeder screws are arranged at a right angle to each other
→ no crushing, but instead clear cuts
› Extendable screw feeder
→ thorough cleaning of the screw and screw housing possible
› Cleaning channels for storage areas
→ hygienic separation of product and drive areas
› Robust control elements
→ simple operation, easy to clean

LASKA grinders are also used for producing high-quality fish products, sauces, pasta fillings and much more. The angle cutting principle ensures an optimal cutting performance, which keeps the cutting edges sharp for a long time.


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